Investment Opportunities in the Indonesian Province of Papua

Investment opportunities in Papua are still welcome. Foreign investors have been predominant players in the mining, chemical, utilities, transportation, industrial estates, and fisheries sectors.


Quite apart from the ongoing search for oil and gas, Papua’s rich mineral resources are likely to continue to attract investors interest, especially as improvements in transportation and communications facilities enhance accessibility to wider regions of the province. Even today, two mineral reserves are thought to offer bright prospects: granite in Manokwari Regency and marble in Paniai Regency.

Other mineral investment opportunities include chalk and limestone in Manokwari Regency, and quartz sand, limestone, and clay in Jayawijaya Regency.


Value-added processing of various agricultural products continues to offer opportunities. While Jayapura Regency is considered particularly suitable for the development of cocoa estates, nearby Biak Numfor regency has been earmarked for further development of cocoa processing, both for cocoa products such as butter and powder, and chocolate products.

Additional investment in palm oil processing is a further opportunity in a number of areas of Papua, such as Paniai, Fak- fak, Sorong, and Manokwari. Other investment openings in commodities include sugarcane, coffee, cashew nuts, sago, integrated coconut industry, and rubber. All these offer scope for downstream industrial processing. For example, palm oil and coconut oil open the door to the production of oleo chemicals, while rubber can be processed into crumb and other forms.

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